While there are many different stories of how 420 came to be, one thing is certain- it’s here and we are ready to celebrate. To help make 420 a celebration for all, Origins has broken down some of the best strains that pair well with activities in each lifestyle, helping you get the most out of your 420.


If you’re a party go’er, you probably already have a night on the town planned. To make this night even better, try Chemolition Man from FireBros, or some Northwest Authentic Gorilla Glue. These strains are heavy-handed and are sure to help sit you down, so consider grabbing a bite to eat and head out for a night of dancing and fun.


It’s the weekend after all, and for some of us, that means taking it easy and relaxing after a long work week. In comes Afgooey Puree from Flor Fina, a fragrant flower that will have you giddy even before combustion. This strain, along with Dedication OG from Northwest Harvesting Co, is perfect to pair with a night of takeout and movie watching, or simply lounging around and hitting the hay early.


What better way to celebrate 420 than working towards a healthier self? Grab one of everybody’s favorite Airo Pro cartridges- “CBD Buddah’s Smile” with a perfect 1:1 ratio or some Sour Cyclone from Sparket. Start the conversation with friends about how you can achieve holistic healing. Pair these strains with a cleanse or juice day, make a home-cooked meal, or hit up your favorite yoga class.


Always remember to take time and celebrate the relationships in your life! Try gathering a group of people for a picnic or BBQ, or possibly head over to a comedy club for a laughable and memorable night. A few great strains for the Social lifestyle are Golden Lemons by Flor Fina or Origin’s Hawaiian Cheesecake. Both are sure to pack a fun yet potent punch!


It’s always a good idea to try new things. Maybe you always live the adventurous lifestyle, or maybe you want to shake it up and go for a hike for 420. Either way, we have a few strains that are perfect for a full of tackling new trails, activities, and foods. Northwest Authentic Chocolope will give you that hard-hitting yet earthy flavor, while Pineapple Punch from Evergrow NW provides an additional fruity tropical aroma.


Some of the best days are the ones spend with discovering new things about yourself and the world you live in. Evergrow’s Dirty White Girls are great to enjoy throughout the day. Try finding a quiet place to practice yoga or go for a long walk along the water.