Lifestyles are here to help you craft your own experience, to explore confidently as the universe unfolds. Every day brings new possibilities and this flower is no different. You aren’t tasked with confining yourself to a single lifestyle, you are here to find your nirvana within each of the lifestyles. We can be the Shaman by sharing where the experience intertwines with the science.

Origins works with independent labs to test all of the products housed on our shelves. We have created patent-pending technology that allows us to build a deeper cannabinoid and terpene profile for you. These ratios translate to the 6 different Lifestyle groups. The Adventurous Lifestyle is a ratio of 16:1 to 28:1 which has a similar effect as a quality cup of Origins Coffee.

Leading with an open spirit and exploring the world around you is crucial as you seek new outlooks on life. The Adventurous Lifestyle helps guide cannabis users to strains that stimulate activity, thinking and creativity. The perfect pick me up when you might need that dreamy effect or when you just want to get out there and have fun.Propel forward with motivation to be physically active on the trails, and keep life exciting.

Updating your journal and providing some feedback before your next purchase will help you find your balance within the Adventurous Lifestyle. Explore confidently.