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420 Travel Guide: Off the Beaten Path in Seattle


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    Chihuly’s magical glass sculptures come to life after a few puffs.

    Chihuly’s magical glass sculptures come to life after a few puffs.

    There are so many great things to do and see in Seattle while blitzed. From public art to cat cafes and cute otters, the city has it all. Not to mention the amazing dispensaries.

    No matter where you are in the city, there’s something interesting to see and do. Whether you smoke, eat, or drink cannabis, you’re sure to enjoy one of these activities.

    So, Where to Get Cannabis Near Me in Seattle?

    If you’re in Seattle and wondering, “Is there any cannabis near me?” Then you’re in luck.

    Out of all the weed-friendly stores in Seattle, our Origins dispensary in West Seattle is the one that counts. Located near Jefferson Square, you can buy high-quality products to enjoy during your time in this fine city.

    Remember that you’re not allowed to smoke or open any package containing cannabis in public, including in cannabis stores. This also means no public consumption of cannabis at any of the below-mentioned places. Instead, smoke or eat an edible at home, at your hotel, or at least long before you head out.

    Best 420 Hotels in Seattle

    While cannabis is legal in Washington, not every hotel in Seattle welcomes cannabis smokers. But there are a few that stand out as cannabis-friendly. Since you can’t consume in public, a weed-friendly hotel is essential.

    • The Winston House: This bed and breakfast is located in the Beacon Neighborhood. It’s a relaxing place to enjoy the artistic side of Seattle, with a beautiful deck and outdoor hot tub to unwind after a long day of exploring. The best part? Smoking cannabis is allowed outside.
    • The Green Tortoise: This hostel is just yards from the famous Pike Place Market. It’s close to many of the top places to see and explore in Seattle. They also have a smoking lounge, so you can light up before heading out.

    6 of the Best Places to Go in Seattle When You’re Stoned

    There’s a lot to do in Seattle. But before heading out, we recommend consuming an edible or smoking at your hotel beforehand.

    If you’re looking for a chill experience, try Smokiez Sour Blackberry Gummies. Or for something more social and upbeat, check out Kind Bites Raspberry Swirl Bar. And if you feel like making a day of it, we recommend some Arcadia Gummies.

    1. Seattle Meowtropolitan

    If you get the munchies when you consume weed and like to chill with cats, then the Meowtropolitan might be for you. Or, if you’re closer to the center, try out Neko cat cafe for a similar experience.

    2. Add-A-Ball

    Fancy a game of pinball? At Add-A-Ball, you can play arcade games or a ton of retro games. Best of all, no kids are allowed, so you can relive your teenage years without having to compete with actual teenagers.

    3. Seattle Aquarium

    If cute animals are your thing, then why not check out the otters at the Seattle Aquarium? They also have seals and a large selection of fish, including a giant Pacific octopus. What better way to spend the day than being mesmerized by colorful fish?

    4. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

    Do weird and morbid objects seem exciting to you? You can get your fill of all things a bit odd at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. This shop is certain to either awe you or give you the creeps, from four-legged chickens to two-headed rabbits and animal skulls.

    5. Chihuly Gardens and Glass

    Irregular surfaces, flowers made of glass, and bright colors make the Chihuly Gardens and Glass a stoner’s paradise. It’s located right next to the Seattle Space Needle, so you can make a day of it and easily explore both.

    6. Washington Park Arboretum

    While this park is a bit of a drive from the center, it’s a great place to go if you want to be in nature while high. It’s free to enter and boasts several gardens and lots of gentle walking tours. You can even take a narrated tram tour if you don’t want to walk.

    Enjoy Your Weed Responsibly

    Seattle has a lot of unique places to explore while high. So whether you like to eat great food, explore some modern art, or look at cute animals, there are lots of things to enjoy during your stay.

    Just remember that you can’t consume cannabis in public, and make sure you’re aware of your surroundings while exploring.

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