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Benefits of THC/CBD Microdosing


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    Using cannabis doesn’t always involve getting as high as a kite. While some users may enjoy the powerful psychoactive effects induced by THC, others prefer to use it for a much milder experience. Microdosing THC helps users enhance their mood, creativity, and focus without being too overwhelming.

    Some users even use CBD instead. CBD is said to provide many of the same perks as cannabis without any psychoactive effects. As such, taking a microdose of CBD each day has become a popular alternative to using cannabis. Microdosing THC or CBD can help with a variety of purposes and it’s also easy to do. Here’s a guide to the benefits of THC/CBD microdosing.

    What Is THC Microdosing?

    THC microdosing involves consuming enough THC to induce mild yet beneficial effects. While consuming a moderate or high amount of THC can induce a powerful psychoactive “high”, microdosing is a smart way to get the renowned benefits of THC without experiencing overwhelming effects.

    Some people microdose THC to improve their mood. Even a very small dose can give you euphoric effects, relieving your stress and putting you in a more optimistic mind state. Some people even find that microdosing THC helps unleash their creativity and focus at work or when partaking in creative tasks such as writing or making music.

    Generally, when using products such as edibles or cannabis tinctures, a dosage of 10mg THC is recommended for strong effects. Microdosing involves taking half of this dosage or even less. Taking a microdose of THC every 2 to 3 days can keep your mood and focus heightened without increasing your tolerance to THC too quickly.

    How To Microdose THC

    If you want to microdose THC, you’ll need to take a small amount - much smaller than the amount you’d use to get high. While you can microdose THC by taking a small puff from a joint or even a shallow hit from a vaporizer, it’s much more convenient and effective to microdose THC using THC-infused products such as edibles or tinctures.

    Products such as Cannabis Capsules, Cannabis Chews, and Cannabis Gummies are particularly helpful for microdosing as each serving contains a small dose of THC. You’ll generally want to use half the usual dosage to get a microdose of THC. For instance, if a capsule or gummy contains 10mg of THC, you should take half of a serving every couple of days.

    Alternatively, you might want to use Cannabis Tinctures. These liquid products allow you to measure your desired dosage of THC using a dropper. Usually, each drop contains a fixed amount of THC, so check your product label to see how much you should use. If each drop contains 2mg of THC, two or three drops every couple of days is enough for an effective microdose.

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    What Is CBD Microdosing?

    Microdosing THC is a good idea for users who enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC but don’t want them to feel so overpowering. However, for users who would prefer to avoid psychoactive effects altogether, microdosing CBD is the perfect alternative. CBD products are completely non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high no matter how much you take.

    While the effects of CBD are much more subtle, many people find that taking small doses of CBD helps them feel more relaxed and focused. As such, you might want to take a small dose of CBD every other day. You might even want to take a dose of CBD every day to keep it circulating in your system.

    You can microdose CBD using CBD tinctures, edibles, capsules, vapes, and all other kinds of CBD products. The approach involves taking a small amount regularly to allow the CBD to accumulate in your system. It’s easy and effective, and you won’t need to worry about accidentally getting high.

    How To Microdose CBD

    CBD doesn’t get you high or induce any psychoactive effects. As such, you won’t need to worry about how much you use. Many people use 25 to 50mg of CBD a day as a general wellness supplement. However, you might want to take a microdose of 10 to 20mg of CBD each day to start with.

    Taking a microdose of CBD is easy thanks to the many convenient CBD products out there. You can use tasty CBD edibles by taking a serving each day. You can also measure out a dosage of CBD Oil or Tincture each day. You can also find CBD drinks, CBD capsules, CBD vapes, and more.

    Since the effects of CBD are much more subtle than THC, you can take a higher dosage of CBD than you would with THC. You might even want to take a couple of microdoses of CBD each day or a single moderate dose. Some people also use products that combine CBD with THC for balanced benefits.

    Where To Buy THC and CBD Products

    If you’re looking to microdose THC or CBD, it’s best to buy cannabis-infused products from a high-quality dispensary. Fortunately, you can find a wide range of both THC products and CBD products at Origins Cannabis.

    Origins Cannabis currently has multiple Washington dispensaries in West Seattle and Redmond. Cannabis consumers in Oklahoma can also shop from our Oklahoma City dispensaries in Edmond and OKC 23rd.

    Visit one of our dispensaries and our experienced budtenders will help you find the perfect products for your needs. We offer a range of edibles, drinks, tinctures, vapes, and more containing THC, CBD, or both. You can also check out our online menu to see what we offer before visiting.

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    Microdosing involves taking a small dosage of your chosen product to get subtle yet effective benefits. Microdosing THC is an excellent way to enhance your mood, creativity, and focus without getting too high. You can also microdose CBD to get a range of perks without any psychoactive effects.

    Fortunately, you can microdose THC or CBD using a wide range of cannabis-infused products. Popular options include cannabis tinctures, edibles, and capsules, but you can also try a range of other high-quality products. You can find all of these and plenty more at Origins Cannabis, with cannabis dispensaries in OK and WA.

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