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Origins: Weed-Friendly Campuses in Washington: Do They Exist?


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    Take a few hours off from your studies, to visit Seattle’s very own Olympic Sculpture Park.

    College can be stressful. There's a lot to handle, from juggling class schedules to finding internships to dealing with the looming mountain of readings. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many college students turn to cannabis for stress relief and recreation.

    If you're looking for a cannabis dispensary in Seattle, Washington, serving college students, we have you covered.

    Are College Campuses in Washington Weed Friendly?

    College-aged students are more likely to smoke cannabis than older adults. If we can glean anything from the statistics, around 22 percent of U.S. consumers who smoked cannabis in 2019 were aged 18-29 (via Statista).

    While cannabis might be legal in Washington, it's not necessarily allowed on college campuses. Although, interestingly enough, Seattle Central College offers a medical marijuana consultant degree, and the University of Washington offers training on cannabis and chronic pain.

    Still, students who are interested can find ways to light up, even if it means heading off campus.

    Just keep in mind, some colleges, like the University of Washington, have strict policies restricting cannabis use for employees and students employed on campus. So before you dabble with weed, make sure you're aware of all the rules and regulations of your college.

    The Only Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle Washington That Counts

    Seattle is an incredible city, especially if you're high. It's got everything centrally located, with good public transportation and some of the best food in the state.

    As you head off campus to appreciate the greener things in life, remember that you're not allowed to smoke in public or open any package containing marijuana in public. Instead, smoke at home first (don’t forget a filter) or stick with edibles for an easy and discrete experience.

    First, visit our cannabis dispensary in Seattle Washington, then head out to explore one of the area's local attractions:

    Waterfront Park

    Waterfront Park is, as you would expect, on the water. It's essentially Downtown Seattle's pier, with lots of room to stroll around and view the water. And if you're feeling especially adventurous, you can head up to the Great Wheel and go on a Ferris wheel ride while high.

    Why not try the Kind Bites Peaches & Cream Barfor a great taste and uplifting and fun high?

    Or, if you prefer to be on land, check out the Seattle Aquarium. It's right next to the Great Wheel. Nothing is cuter than watching an otter play in the water, and that's just as true whether you are stoned or sober.

    Fremont Troll

    For a truly unique Seattle smoking experience, head to Fremont Troll. It's simply a sculpture of a giant troll under one of the bridges in the Fremont neighborhood, holding an actual Volkswagen Beetle with a California license plate.

    We recommend checking it out after having some Smokiez Tropical Fruit Gummies.

    The area is just north of Seattle Pacific University. The neighborhood itself is bustling, with lots of great places to eat. Perfect for when the munchies hit. They also have a market on Sundays if you fancy exploring antiques.

    And while you're there, you can also check out the Fremont Rocket.

    Washington Park Arboretum

    Another great way to relax and enjoy your cannabis is to explore nature. At the Washington Park Arboretum, you can explore 230 acres of land, an exquisite collection of Northwest plants, and a zen garden. And the best part: there is no entry fee.

    Try exploring the park after consuming one or two Arcadia Sativa Gummies. These gummies give you a happy and euphoric mood, making them perfect for daytime consumption.

    Olympic Sculpture Park

    If you're in Downtown Seattle and want to enjoy some public art while you're high, then go to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

    Run by the Seattle Art Museum, the park boasts nine acres of outdoor sculptures and a beach. There are dozens of interactive and strange sculptures, from a 46-foot head to abstract creatures.

    It’s especially trippy when paired with a Kind Bites Raspberry Swirl Bar.

    Gas Works Park

    For those who love to people-watch, head to Gas Works Park and find yourself a nice spot on the grass. It's the former site of the Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant located on the northern banks of Lake Union.

    It's easy to spend all day here, staring at the Seattle skyline and the boat traffic on the lake. Not to mention the gas works themselves, which lend a certain dystopian feel to the whole park.

    Check it out while enjoying a calm buzz from Origins Sour Mango Gummies.

    Off Campus Stress Relief for Students

    It's hard to juggle all the moving pieces as a student at one of Washington's many colleges. This is why so many students end up chilling out with a joint, an edible, or a puff from a vape.

    Whether you want to explore some art, go on a Ferris wheel ride, or watch some otters play, Seattle has a lot to offer when you're high. Just make sure to follow local laws and your college policies. Be discreet about the cannabis products you're smoking, eating, or drinking.

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