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Elevate the CHOMP! County Fair with Edibles


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    Pair one of two cannabis-infused gummies with a trip to CHOMP!

    Pair one of two cannabis-infused gummies with a trip to CHOMP!

    The CHOMP! County Fair is coming to Redmond, Washington, on August 21st. With a strong focus on sustainable living, the fair combines live music with local foods and exciting workshops. This August, if you want to elevate this experience with cannabis, we offer cannabis (weed) delivery in Redmond.

    CHOMP! And Cannabis (Weed) Delivery in Redmond

    The CHOMP! County Fair is a free event that highlights local restaurants and farms as well as organizations that support environmental and social justice.

    If you’ve been cooped up this past year, CHOMP! is a killer way to break back into big live events. It’s a family-friendly event that includes a number of fun activities including a scavenger hunt, an Upcycle Bazaar, live animals, and more.

    If you’re hoping to enjoy the fair with a 420-slant, a gentle, euphoric high can be the perfect addition to a day of music and fun activities. Plus, if you’re prone to the munchies, a subtle high can make that delicious local cuisine taste even better.

    A Little Reminder….

    Remember that it’s illegal to use cannabis products in view of the public in Washington. It’s best to use cannabis at home beforehand or use a more subtle delivery method, like edibles. Since it’s legal to have cannabis delivered in Redmond, you can have it delivered at home and enjoy it just before leaving the house.

    It’s also important to put safety first: Have a sober driver to and from the event, or use public transport. If you’re new to edibles, start with a low dosage, as it can produce an intense high for newbies.

    5 Delicious Edibles for County Fair Fun

    The following edibles can be ideal for those looking to relax and socialize at events like the CHOMP! County Fair.

    1. Origins Cherry Gummies

    These sweet, cherry-flavored chews come in a ratio of 10:1 (10 parts THC to one part other cannabinoids). With 150mg of cannabinoids per chew, this can be halved for someone who’s newer to cannabis edibles.

    The cannabinoid content should put you in a sociable mood. Many people report that it makes them feel calm, carefree, and euphoric, which is perfect for a day of music and sunshine!

    2. Kind Bites Peaches & Cream Bar

    For chocolate fans, the Peaches & Cream Bar from Kind Bites is the ideal edible. It contains 500mg of cannabinoids and induces a feeling of calm and relaxation. It can put you in a sociable and chilled mood.

    3. Smokiez Gummies Tropical Fruit

    These fruity chews pack an 18:1 ratio, making them ideal for those who want to use cannabis for joint pain, muscle aches, and anxiety. If any of those issues are getting in the way of you enjoying a day out, this 250mg chew is ideal.

    4. Simply French Toast Cookies

    If you’d like a more sedating edible, these cookies are perfect for unwinding after a day at the fair. It can also be used in small doses to induce a deep sense of calm and euphoria. If you’re new to this edible or don’t use cannabis often, take a small amount or you might end up couch-locked.

    This four-pack contains 100 mg of cannabinoids—perfect for sharing with a group of friends!

    5. Kind Bites Chocolate Micro Bites

    Looking for a smaller dose? These Chocolate Micro Bites from Kind Bites are sweet and tasty. They’re ideal for microdosing and sharing with friends. This product seems to induce a sense of happiness and calm, leaving you feeling carefree and relaxed.

    Don’t Miss CHOMP!

    The CHOMP! County Fair is set to be a great opportunity to unwind, discover new food, and enjoy live music. If you decide to indulge in some cannabis (weed) delivery in Redmond, remember to do so responsibly.

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