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Gift Guide for Cannabis Connoisseurs: 11 Thoughtful Ideas


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    1. Artizen Jack Herer

    Perfect for: Cannabis culture vultures

    Gift your friends a piece of cannabis history with this classic strain. Jack Herer is named after the activist of the same name, a hugely influential figure in the fight for legalization.

    This strain is more than a piece of history, though — it’s award-winning, energizing, and deliciously herbal. Artizen lovingly handcrafts all their flower right here in Washington State.

    2. Phat Panda Golden Pineapple

    Perfect for: Your creative cousin

    Creative types seeking self-discovery will love Phat Panda’s Golden Pineapple. If you know someone who loves to light up to spark their creative juices, this is the gift for them.

    Phat Panda’s premium flower, bred and grown in their state-of-the-art Washington facility, is sure to impress. And this tropical, aromatic strain doesn’t skimp on THC, leading to an invigorating and potent high.

    3. Evergrow Northwest Royal Wedding Pre-rolls

    Perfect for: The life of the party

    Pre-rolls are the perfect party trick, and we love Evergrow Northwest’s Royal Wedding Pre-rolls this winter. Buy a pack for your friend who loves to be the life of the party, and they’ll thank you later.

    Royal Wedding is a balanced hybrid strain that’s uplifting and sure to leave everyone in a great mood. Sharing this five-pack at your holiday party is sure to make it one to remember.

    4. Harmony Farms Blunt Pineapple Crush

    Perfect for: Your go-to adventure buddy

    What could a cannabis connoisseur love more than a beautiful blunt? Harmony Farms Pineapple Crush Blunts are rolled from organically grown and hand-trimmed flower from Olympia, WA.

    Pineapple Crush is a hybrid strain with powerful euphoric effects, perfect for adventurous types looking for a new experience. Maybe they’ll even share it with you?!

    5. Dose Distillate Super Lemon Haze

    Perfect for: Your social butterfly roommate

    Dose’s Super Lemon Haze Distillate packs an award-winning sativa into a delicious, discreet vape cart. Known for getting everybody talking, Super Lemon Haze is the perfect choice for your most sociable mates.

    Dose uses premium CO2 extraction methods to create the purest distillate possible. It’s sure to be a talking point at holiday parties and a reliable way to make a few new friends.

    6. Fairwinds CBG 1:1:1 Vape

    Perfect for: Health-conscious cannabis consumers

    Lots of cannabis consumers these days are health-conscious, and rightly so. They’ll love Fairwinds CBG Vape for its subtle effects. With equal parts CBD, THC, and CBG, the entourage effect gives this vape pen a unique effect. Its low THC content leads to mellow relaxation, not an intense high. Thanks to this mix, this is one of the closest weed vape pens to the real flower.

    Fairwinds’ products are medically certified and tested to the highest standards in the state. Health and wellness are central to their philosophy, making their products the perfect gifts for health-conscious consumers.

    7. Dose Moon Rocks Chunky Monkey

    Perfect for: Lifetime cannabis lovers

    Dose Moon Rocks are the crème de la crème of cannabis flower for those in the know. Dose coats premium Chunky Monkey bud in kief to take the high to the next level.

    Fair warning, though: Moon rocks are very potent, containing up to 50 percent THC. This isn’t a gift for the occasional cannabis consumer. But long-time users looking for an unforgettable experience will be over the moon.

    8. Seattle’s Private Reserve Live Resin

    Perfect for: True cannabis connoisseurs

    Dedicated cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for the next great premium product. So they’ll love Seattle’s Private Reserve Live Resin. Live resin is loved because it preserves the complete cannabinoid and terpene profile of the flower.

    Seattle’s Private Reserve cold cures and hand trims all of their bud. They are also hyper local, which means as you search for “marijuana near me,” you are shopping with our local community.

    Their live resin is made by freezing all flower immediately after picking, preserving the complete flavor profile for the best possible concentrates.

    9. Six/Fifths Bath Bomb Raspberry Vanilla 1 To 1

    Perfect for: Your canna-curious relatives

    Baby boomers are fascinated by cannabis these days. If your mom, dad, or aunt is canna-curious, ease them in gently with a Six/Fifths Raspberry Vanilla Bath Bomb.

    The 1:1 THC to CBD ratio will leave them feeling gloriously relaxed. And choosing a topical means they won’t have any unexpected, uncomfortable effects. Instead, they’ll enjoy a safe and mellow first cannabis experience.

    10. Flav Belts Strawberry Apple Sour

    Perfect for: Your siblings who never grew up

    A grown-up take on spending your whole allowance at the candy store: treat your big brother to some nostalgia with a heavy dose of THC thrown in.

    Flav’s Strawberry Apple Sour Belts each contain 10mg of THC for a fun and uplifting high. They’re tasty, too, with powerful sweet and sour flavors that will take you right back to your childhood.

    11. Mr Moxey’s Mints CBD Ginger

    Perfect for: Giving the gift of relaxation

    Not everyone turns to cannabis for a mind-bending experience. In our busy world, many of us turn to CBD for gentle relaxation after a long, hard week.

    Mr Moxey’s CBD Ginger Mints are perfect for those friends who need a little help relaxing. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG, with no THC. Enhanced by herbal extracts, these mints create calm whenever you need it. They’re vegan too!

    Find the Closest Weed to Seattle For the Holiday Season

    Those are a few of our favorites — but we’ve barely scratched the surface of gifts for cannabis connoisseurs this Christmas.

    Whether you’re buying for a lifetime cannabis-lover or a friend who wants to explore, there’s a high-quality, Washington-grown gift out there for them.

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