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6 Holiday Events in Seattle With a Buzz


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    Origins Team

    Here is our guide to getting merry with marijuana in Seattle this holiday season.

    Heads up: it’s still illegal to consume cannabis in public. That means you can’t light a joint or puff on a vape while out and about. We recommend getting high at home before you head out to enjoy the festivities in public!

    1. Christmas Comedy with Cannabis

    One way to fast-track the festive spirit is to get high and giggle yourself silly with friends at a comedy show. If you want to laugh away the stress of the year, Seattle Public Theater has you covered.

    A Very Die Hard Christmas is a musical parody packed with action and ‘80s jokes, running for most of December. If a detective mystery romp is more your idea of entertainment, check out Christmastown: A Holiday Noir for some hilarious holiday shenanigans.

    Chew your way into festive cheer with some Yummy Gummies Pineapple Express edibles. This strain is perfect for inducing a euphoric buzz with an energetic and uplifted mood.

    2. Annual Festive Boat Parade

    There’s something mesmerizing about twinkling lights reflecting on the water at night, and it only gets better when you’re high. The Annual Boat Parade sees 65 boats decked out in festive lights, sailing in convoy through Seattle’s iconic waterways.

    The parade is on December 10th this year and starts at Lake Union Park, then proceeds to Fremont Cut. It’s free to join the official onshore watching party at Evanston Plaza, complete with music and hot drinks, or enjoy the view from anywhere in Fremont Canal Park.

    Set your imagination wild with some Origins Blue Dream flower, a strain legendary for cerebral invigoration and full-body relaxation.

    3. Woodland Park Zoo WildLights and WildLanterns

    Speaking of festive lights, this is just about the most magical experience you can have at night in Seattle over the holidays. Let your mind run wild as you walk amongst giant light sculptures of animals at the Woodland Park Zoo light show.

    This illuminating trip will have you wandering past leopards in the African savannah, dolphins leaping out of waves, and woolly mammoths surrounded by giant glowing glaciers.

    Add to the sense of wonder and adventure with Kind Bites Pineapple Gummies for an uplifted mood and enhanced imagination.

    For more mind-blowing options, check out the Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity.

    4. Munchies at the Market

    No festive season is complete without a good market, and if that market involves food stalls, it’s the natural destination when the munchies hit.

    Check out the Winter Solstice Night Market on December 17-19 at Magnuson Park for a massive indoor festival complete with all the street food your stoned stomach desires.

    Make sure you do it justice by starting strong with a Girl Scout Cookies pre-roll, a strain known for a euphoric high with potent munchies.

    5. SantaCon Pub Crawl

    You’re not hallucinating!It really is an entire street packed full of Santa Clauses. If you’re in the mood to party hard, join the ultimate festive pub crawl this year at SantaCon. The event usually begins at Westlake Park, then moves through around 15 bars until closing time. Santa suit compulsory!

    A night of endurance partying demands a powerful sativa famous for its energizing effects, such as this Lemon Haze Distillate Pod by Spherex or this Genetix Super Silver Haze flower.

    6. New Year’s Fireworks at the Space Needle

    It’s only fitting for 2021 to go out with a bang, and what better place to ring in the new year than at Seattle’s most famous attraction?

    If you can snag tickets to the party at the top of the Needle, that’s about the highest you can get in Seattle. But even if they’re all sold out, you can join the party down below for free. This is where thousands gather to dance in the glow of fireworks and make resolutions for the new year.

    Light up a Sun Sokd Sour Diesel pre-roll for a dreamy cerebral high with lots of energy, ideal for letting yourself be transfixed by the lights while staying in the celebratory mood. That’s a winning combination: Seattle + cannabis + weed.

    Being in the middle of the action isn’t for everyone. If you’d rather escape the Needle crowds and watch the fireworks with a little more peace and nature, Kerry Park in Queen Anne is the perfect spot. It offers an iconic view of the Emerald City, with beautiful green lawns to kick back and enjoy the fireworks.

    Ringing in the New Year with Origins

    End your 2021 on a high with Origins Sour Strawberry Gummies, a strain known for its uplifting effects. It’ll start your new year strong as well, with a mental boost of positivity and a delightful, sweet strawberry taste.

    Remember when combining a night out in Seattle with cannabis/weed, use public transport or a taxi service to get home safe. Happy holidays!

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