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Jack Herer Day


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    June 18th is Jack Herer Day: Who is Jack Herer?

    You may be familiar with the name Jack Herer. Maybe from his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes? Or the award-winning cannabis products that carry his name? Mr. Herer, also known as the “Emperor of Hemp,” has dedicated most of his life as an American cannabis rights activist.

    Given Jack’s history and influence in the world of cannabis advocacy, there’s almost no argument that he’s at the top of the list. Every year on Jack’s birthday, June 18th, the celebration of his life, legacy, and contributions to the cannabis industry never goes unnoticed. Keep reading to discover more about Jack and his cannabis legacy.

    Who is Jack Herer?

    Jack Herer was just your average guy from the state of New York. Jack’s life started on June 18th, 1939 in Buffalo, NY. During his high school years, he decided to drop out of High School and joined and served in the Army. Growing up Herer was averse to the Hippie movement and stuck to the conservative side of things.

    It wasn’t until the age of 30 where a close friend of Jack introduced him to the idea of trying cannabis. After this idea came about, his life changed forever. Jack went from a straight-laced Army Veteran to a full-blown cannabis activist. Herer became obsessed with learning about hemp and dedicated his life to cannabis education and advocacy.

    This led him to the creation of the Great Revolutionary American Standard System (G.R.A.S.S), which was invented in 1973 as a grading system for cannabis using a scale of one to ten. He also was a glass pipe entrepreneur and opened a shop to then sell cannabis.

    Jack actively promoted cannabis legalization on the West Coast in states like California and Washington. Although this went on for years it never really got much attention. In the year 1981, Jack and others protested cannabis laws in front of the federal building in Los Angeles where he then got arrested. Although Jack could have paid a $5 fine to avoid jail time he refused to prove a point. Those 14 days in jail allowed Herer to sculpt the foundation for his famous book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.The book displays the hemp plant’s history in America and why it should be legal for industrial use.

    Herer’s passion for cannabis legalization has inspired thousands to speak up and stand up in the battle for cannabis rights. In 2010 Jack, unfortunately, lost his life due to heart complications. Even though he isn’t with us today his legacy and name live in the cannabis world.

    Jack Herer Strain

    What better way to commemorate a well-known cannabis activist and author than to name a strain after them? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jack Herer!

    The Jack Herer weed strain is Sativa dominant. Its genetics come from a cross between a haze hybrid, the Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. The founding company Sensi Seeds, wanted to capture the overwhelming resin production along with the cerebral high. The strain’s genetics allowed for the production of several variations. Cannabis consumers will find that the Jack Herer Strain will give off a sense of fresh pine, citrusy lemon, and a hint of clove flavor. It is very common among both recreational and medical consumers.

    If you’re interested in trying or learning more about the Jack Herer strain, stop by your local dispensary or shop at our online store! Budtenders at your local dispensary are aware of the brands they sell and have likely tried them. They'll be able to help guide you in the right direction and share their honest opinion!

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