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    Our newest locations in Oklahoma City

    Origins has worked to capture the innovative spirit of the Northwest, and is charting a new generation of cannabis retail. We have pioneered a cannabis experience for our customers based on lifestyles and informed decisions while maintaining the highest standard of products. With the cannabis industry rapidly growing, we wanted to spread our individuality further.

    We are proud to announce that we are now serving Oklahoma City (OKC), Oklahoma. OKC has a soul that endlessly seeks adventure. We know it is the ideal place to plant our roots and continue to grow in new areas.

    Since the voter-approved legalization of medical marijuana in June of 2018, over 200,000 patients have been licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority with more than 6,000 business licenses granted.

    OKC is filled with history, arts, entertainment, and so much life. The opportunity to begin sharing the holistic benefits of cannabis to the community is a privilege for us, and we are excited to begin this journey.

    Stop in and say hello to our cannabis guides at our Meridian location and 23rd St. location. And as always, explore confidently.

    For the best cannabis strains that will accentuate your state of mind, take a look at our Lifestyle Spectrum and menu. Stop by a top rated dispensary near you in Seattle or Oklahoma City to meet with a cannabis guide that will help you find the perfect product to accompany your desired journey.

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