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Strain Spotlight: Granddaddy Purple Cannabis


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    If you're new to using cannabis, it's helpful to learn about the different types of strains you can take. Since there are hundreds of strains out there and more are being discovered all the time, choosing one can be overwhelming.

    The right cannabis strain for you depends on your needs and desired outcome, or lifestyle, so learning about the most popular varieties will help you get what you're looking for from your marijuana experience.

    Today we're shining a spotlight on one of the most beloved Indica cultivars: the Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain. We're going to break down its properties, origins, effects, and how to grow it. Let's get started.

    Strain Spotlight: Granddaddy Purple

    Granddaddy Purple kush is one of the most popular strains of cannabis. It averages a 21% THC level; however, it can range from 12% to 27%. Because it has such a wide range, you may experience it differently from your friends.

    This strain is loved for its potent flavors. Most users say that Granddaddy Purple tastes like grapes, candy, and berries.

    Along with its fun candy-like taste, Grandaddy Purple has a powerful aroma. It smells citrusy, earthy, and even a little bit like grapes. Its terpene profile includes Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Humulene.

    This strain is also a favorite because of its beauty. It has striking Instagram-able buds with radiant green and purple leaves.

    The effect of Granddaddy Purp will vary based on the grower, dispensary, and other factors, however, most people feel incredibly relaxed from this strain. It is a strain that takes effect very quickly.

    We'll talk about the effects of Granddaddy Purple in depth later in this guide. First, let's look at the origins.

    Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain Origins

    We have Ken Estes, the "Medicine Man," to thank for the Granddaddy Purple strain. He originally grew it on the West Coast in California in 2003 by cross-breeding big bud and purple urkle strains.

    Less than two decades later, the "Royal Indica" strain, as Granddaddy Purple is often referred to because of its Indica-dominant background, is wildly popular all around the world.

    Along with the Indica flower, it also has some Sativa genes. The ratio is about 80% Indica to 20% Sativa.

    Who is Granddaddy Purple for? Just about anyone could enjoy it, whether they're cannabis connoisseurs or complete newbies. Bulk buyers love to get a pound of Granddaddy Purple since it's so universally appreciated.

    Because of its calming properties, most people enjoy Granddaddy Purple after a long day to unwind in the evening. Let's dive into its uses and effects more now.

    What are the Most Common Effects of Granddaddy Cannabis?

    Most users notice that Granddaddy Purple is extremely calming and hits fast and hard. The high is blissful and euphoric, and you might feel like your body is melting because you're so relaxed.

    The Indica properties act as a natural sedative while the Sativa properties are uplifting, making what lots of weed users refer to as "the perfect high."

    While everyone will have a different experience, many users say that Granddaddy Purple increases their appetite, so be prepared for the munchies.

    Some users take Granddaddy Purple as a natural sleep aid before bed, while others just want to chill out after work. Either way, you shouldn't take this cultivar in the morning or anytime when you need to be alert and productive.

    You may experience a physical numbing with Granddaddy Purp as well, which is why some users take it for soreness. However, remember that everyone's experience with any strain of cannabis varies.

    Grandaddy Purple Side Effects

    For the most part, very few users experience anxiety or paranoia with Granddaddy Purple. That being said, it is a very strong strain, so if you're prone to the paranoia effect, you should stick to something less potent with a closer THC and CBD ratio (Granddaddy strain has zero percent CBD).

    Stay hydrated while you consume this strain to avoid dry mouth, which is common with several popular cannabis strains. Continue drinking a lot of water after you take it too.

    Since Granddaddy Purple can cause "couchlock," prep some bottles of water beforehand and have them nearby while you're high. Dry eyes are also a possibility, so keep some eye drops nearby to enjoy your high without interruption or discomfort.

    Strains of Cannabis That are Similar to Granddaddy Purple

    If you can't get your hands on Grandaddy Purple, here are some similar options:

    • Big Bud
    • Purple Urkle
    • Girl Scout Cookies
    • Grape Ape
    • Kryptonite
    • Citrus
    • Ivan

    The first two on the list are Granddaddy Purple's parent strains. The last two, citrus and Ivan, are its descendants.

    Granddaddy Purple Grow Guide

    This strain is ideal for moderately experienced growers. If you're a brand new grower, then start with something easier, like Blue Dream.

    Granddaddy Purple can grow both indoors and outdoors; however, it needs 50% humidity and lots of ventilation. Beyond that, its demands are pretty low-maintenance. It can resist pests, mildew, mold, and diseases like a champ.

    Granddaddy Purple is a short and dense bush that stays between 20 and 30 inches. It harvests in the fall around mid-October. It's a high-yielding Indica strain, and it will flower in about eight to eleven weeks.

    You will love watching its oversized buds grow; however, if the buds get too big they can weigh down the plant. As you get closer and closer to harvest time, you may need to add some support to preserve the plant's frame.

    If you grow it outdoors, it will yield about 17 ounces per plant. If you grow it indoors, it can yield about one and a half ounces per square foot.

    Try Granddaddy Purple Today

    Hopefully, you feel like a marijuana pro now that you know everything about the Granddaddy purple cannabis strain. If you're looking to get relaxed and want to experience the perfect high, it's an amazing choice.

    To learn about other strains and using recreational marijuana, check out the rest of our blog. Shop for your perfect strain online, or visit us in store at one of our local dispensaries near you, and one of our helpful budtenders can talk with you about any questions you may have.

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