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Beer and Weed: A Weed Infused Brewery Tour in Redmond


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    Pairing the flavors of flower with the profiles of brews — a match made in Redmond, Washington.

    Here at Origins, we like adventurous and delicious experiences. There's something special about the combination of beer and weed, and in our opinion, Redmond's cannabis and beer scene offers up many delightful potential pairings.

    Brews and bud have a few things in common. Think about those distinct flavor profiles, unique aromas, and careful combinations turn out to be quite a bit of fun.

    With so many breweries in the Redmond area, let’s make this a cannabis-influenced craft beer tour into a fun weekend with friends.

    The Redmond Brewery Scene: What to Know in Advance

    The decades-old craft beer scene in Redmond is well-established and hopping with options for tasty brews.

    Keep a few things in mind before you begin. First, both cannabis and alcohol are regulated in Redmond. Know the rules by following Washington State law.

    The legal drinking and cannabis consumption age is 21, and there are penalties for purchasing these items for underage people. Keep in mind, you can’t open or consume either brews or blunts in public.

    If you discover a brew you love, you can take a growler or six-pack to go, but drink it at home. You’ll also want to dabble with cannabis in a private location, rather than out front of the breweries you're hopping between.

    How will you get around? Plan to walk, have a designated driver, or hail a ride share. Two of our favorite breweries, Post Doc Brewing and Mac and Jack's have just a four-minute walk between them.

    A How-to on the Mixology of Beers and Bud

    It can take up to two hours for your body to metabolize alcohol from just one drink. Add weed into the mix, and things can get intense when combined haphazardly. So always start low and go slow. Know your limitations and respect your body.

    Opt for brews with a lower alcohol content when mixing with cannabis to ensure memorable experiences without intense intoxication. Never drink on an empty stomach, and choose breweries that serve food.

    Sip beer slowly to create a relaxed experience without intense highs and lows. If you feel sluggish from indicas, stick with sativas when drinking. If you get couch-lock from edibles, save those for the end of your tour.

    Our 3 Favourite Redmond Breweries and Why We Love Them

    The Pacific Northwest is a hub for fantastic brewers with many options for those seeking samplings.

    We've narrowed our favorites list down to our top three:

    • Post Doc Brewing is a craft brewery founded in 2014 with a friendly vibe. They serve up a variety of craft beers to serve every palette.
    • Black Raven Brewing offers creative spins on traditional beers. Their monthly cask ale program showcases a special brew on the first Wednesday of every month, so there is always something new to taste.
    • Mac n Jack's has almost 30 years of brewing experience. Since 1993, they have been making great-quality beer and continuously strive to improve their products. We love their dedication to quality service at every level. Their outdoor beer garden is open from 2pm - 8pm daily.

    Breweries in Redmond, and Cannabis Pairings

    Our goal is to remove the guesswork from pairing so you can easily enjoy a memorable, pleasant afternoon of idyllic touring. Below are some cannabis pairings with our favorite Redmond beers.

    Pairing a Fruity Brew with Sour Gummies

    Post Doc's Studying Abroad fruit beer is crisp and fresh with hints of strawberry, pineapple, and lime. It pairs nicely with the Journeyman Fruit Jelly Sours. These edibles are vegan, gluten-free, delicious, and fun. Take one to start.

    You can further enhance your visit by touring when your favorite food truck will be on-site.

    Citrus and Hops with Happiest Self Edible Tabs

    The passionate team at Black Raven Brewing serves up beer they love. We trust their taste as they are experts, and we always find something special to order.

    We find their award-winning Trickster IPA to be a perfect partner to Green Revolution's Fast Tabs Happiest Self. You can enjoy this lovely pine and citrus hop-heavy brew while feeling uplifted and snacking on a sandwich or hot pretzel.

    White Beer with A Bright Sativa

    Mac N Jack's Belgian Wit is a crisp and mild-flavored wheat beer with hints of citrus peel and coriander. This lightly fragrant brew pairs well with a bright, potent, fruity sativa such as Pineapple Pancakes.

    Both the beer and the bud in this pairing are delicious and worth savoring slowly. Have a toke before visiting this brewery. Afterward, if it feels right, enjoy another puff to close your tour when you arrive home.

    Your Brewery Tour of Redmond, with Cannabis Highlights

    When enjoying a brewery tour of Redmond (and cannabis) be safe, follow regulations, and don't drive under the influence. Know your limits, eat, and enjoy our suggested pairings.

    Planning when and what to consume based on your response to beer and cannabis will help create a fragrant and flavorful experience.

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