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What Does Science Say about Cannabis and Intimacy?


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Can Cannabis Improve Your Love Life?

Could weed really strengthen your romance? Studies show that cannabis can enhance the emotional and physical connection in couples who get high together, leading to greater intimacy and a more satisfying sex life.

Regular cannabis users know that getting high can help you feel relaxed, more sensitive to touch, and in the right mindset to savor a connection with another person.

While the body of evidence is still growing, scientific studies suggest that getting high can result in having sex more often with your partner and feeling more intense pleasure during sexual acts.

Beyond the bedroom, research suggests that getting high together can help strengthen your emotional bond as a couple. Consuming cannabis with a partner increases the frequency of intimacy, this study found. It didn’t measure only physical intimacy but also included any meaningful interaction or conversation that involved “intimacy, love, caring, or support.”

Partners who get high together also have a lot more sex than people who have never used cannabis, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study found significantly increased sexual frequency for both men and women who used weed daily or weekly.

It’s not only quantity of sex but also the quality, which can be enhanced with the use of cannabis. Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that cannabis increased desire for sex in nearly 60 percent of participants, and 74 percent reported increased sexual satisfaction. Over 65 percent of participants had more intense orgasms, too.

For women especially, cannabis could help make sex more pleasurable and satisfying, according to this research. Most women in the study reported that getting high before sex improved their sex drive, enhanced their orgasm, and reduced sensations of pain.

How to Turn Up the Heat this Valentine’s Day

You know what they say, a couple that tokes together....

So you know cannabis could take your Valentine’s experience to the next level, but how exactly can you incorporate it into a date?

This will go down best with a little forward planning. A stoned sexy adventure is the kind of thing you want to discuss with your partner first, to make sure you’re both into it and comfortable with the plan.

Get the basics locked in first: Plan your date location, food, transport, and of course, your choice of cannabis supplies. With the essentials sorted, it’ll give you both more freedom to be spontaneous in the moment.

Picking the right strain and method of consumption is the first step to a mind-blowing weed date. According to strain guides and stoner reports, your best bet for increased arousal and sensitivity is an indica-dominant strain with high THC.

Wedding Cake is one of the most highly recommended strains for arousal and body-tingling euphoria. Grab a Wedding Cake Pre-roll pack for ultimate convenience if you want a quick smoke before heading out to see a show, listen to a band, or dine out at a restaurant. You’ll keep the anticipation going all night long.

If you want to make cannabis the star of the evening, we recommend you order a tub of Lifted Wedding Cake flower and get your Valentine to join you in the kitchen. With the help of some tunes and snacks, you can whip up some potent cannabutter (here’s our best recipe) and make your own delicious edibles, sweet or savory. Indulge in your homemade canna-treats, light some candles, and see where the evening takes you.

If anxiety and self-consciousness tend to hold you back in the bedroom and you’d like to feel more relaxed and uninhibited, the best strain to go for is a kush, such as the Harmony Farms Blackberry Kush.

But don’t forget that there is lots of intimacy that can happen outside the bedroom, too. Getting high together can help create the environment for deep and trusting conversations that bring you closer together as a couple.

Don’t be afraid to explore physical touch that isn’t sexual. Spoil your partner with a back massage using a cannabis-infused massage lotion, like the Green Revolution Muscle Melt Gel. It won’t get them high, but it will soothe their muscles and stimulate their senses for a relaxing and sensual experience.

Green Magic Starts with a Valentine's Day Weed Gift

Cannabis can’t create intimacy out of nowhere, but you absolutely can use it to enhance your existing connection and explore new depths to your partnership. Communication is key to planning the high night of your dreams with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to plan ahead and order your weed supplies so you’re well-stocked for February 14th!

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