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    If you like to enjoy the fruits of cannabis now and then, you're not alone. As more states make a move towards legalizing recreational marijuana, more Americans are ready to try it. One area of the market that's seen a tremendous amount of interest is cannabis concentrates.

    There are many options to choose from when it comes to concentrates, but there is one that has gotten our attention, and that's live resin. Are you wondering what live resin cannabis is?


    Live resin is another type of cannabis concentrate, like wax or isolate. What makes it different is the extraction process, which we'll touch on next. Through its unique extraction, live resin can maintain the plant's full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. This gives cannabis live resin such a distinct aroma and flavor, two things a lot of users want in their products.

    That's precisely why this concentrate has been growing in popularity in recent years, with no signs of slowing down. The interest in concentrates, especially live resin, has skyrocketed, and it's something we know every cannabis user will love. How could you not? It has everything you want out of a cannabis product: potency, taste, smells, and best of all, a little bit will go a long way.


    Cannabis live resin is made through a unique process where the fresh plant is frozen before and during the entire process. The plant's flavor, fragrance, terpenes, and cannabinoid profile will be perfectly preserved by freezing the plant immediately after harvest.

    Doing this also means that curing and drying aren't required. These are two steps that are traditionally done in the making of concentrates, but it can lead to damage to the plant's chemical profile.

    This can affect the potency, aroma, and taste of the concentrate. Most people aren't aware of this, but you'll notice a difference right away once you try live resin.

    The freezing process helps the plant keep its living structure chemically. This makes live resin an excellent concentrate because you can enjoy all the scents and tastes you want with cannabis. Best of all, the plant maintains its effectiveness since it hasn't lost any potency.


    When you're deciding what concentrate to try, it's important to remember that not all cannabis products are created equally or possess the same benefits. It's all about the terpenes with live resin, which give each batch its unforgettable flavor and smell. It's like consuming the plant straight from the farm. There is more to love about it, though.

    Live resin is a concentrate that stands out for the following reasons:

    • Contains the full range of cannabinoids
    • High terpene concentration
    • Complex, full flavor
    • Includes the complete chemical profile
    • Increased therapeutic benefits

    With benefits like these, trying live resin should be on the top of your cannabis to-do list.


    If you're a cannabis connoisseur, you're probably already aware of the other varieties of concentrates. So how does live resin compare to these? Is it any different at all? Keep reading to learn how live resin is different and how it compares to other concentrates.

    Live Resin vs. Distillate

    Distillate concentrate is a golden, runny oil that is used for its potency and purity. All waxes and impurities are removed during distillate production and any terpenes that provide flavor and smell.

    If those two qualities are essential to you, then live resin would be the best choice. It's still extremely potent, but it allows you to enjoy the range of tastes and aromas that many people love about cannabis.

    Live Resin vs. Wax or Shatter

    Wax and shatter are two of the most popular concentrates on the market. That's because their consistency and texture make them easy to consume with dabbing, vaping, or smoking just like live resin.

    So why should you choose cannabis live resin over wax or shatter? It all goes back to the extraction process. Wax and shatter are produced with the common CO2 extraction method. This is the most popular method for making concentrates, but terpenes can still get lost in the process. Live resin keeps all of the plant's terpenes so it is more flavorful and aromatic than wax or shatter.

    Live Resin vs. Rosin

    Live resin and rosin are often confused, and they do have similarities. Like live resin, rosin is another concentrate that is gaining in popularity because it has bold fragrances and flavors. It also has a unique extraction process that uses extremely high temperatures to remove the rosin from the plant.

    Rosin looks similar to other concentrates like shatter and is very potent, but when compared to live resin, it comes up a little short. They both have all the terpenes and cannabinoids you want, but live resin truly preserves the chemical profile. Since it is extracted through freezing it doesn't lose anything like heat extraction.


    If you're curious about trying live resin, but you're not sure where to start, fear not. There are several ways to enjoy this excellent concentrate.

    Dab Pen Vaporizer

    Dab pen vaporizers are an easy, convenient way to enjoy live resin. This method of taking it will give you a similar experience as dabbing, without the extra pieces. With a dab pen vaporizer, you can use live resin on the go and easily take it with you. All you need is a pen, which usually starts around $30, and then load it with live resin. Some pens also have a heated tip that you dab the concentrate with.


    Traditional dabbing is different from using a dab pen. Using cannabis live resin this way will require some equipment like a dab rig and torch. Many users like this method because it does a good job of getting you where you want to be fast, but it's not convenient at all. This method would be best used at home since carrying around the materials is a hassle, and even dangerous.

    Mix in your Joint, Blunt, or Bowl

    If you want to keep things simple, just add in some live resin to your joint, blunt, or bowl. It might be a little tricky adding the sticky resin, but that's about it. This is a good option if you're ready to try it but you don't want to shell out money on pens or dabbing equipment.


    With so many cannabis companies opening every year, it's important to realize what makes a high-quality live resin. Make sure to get your money's worth and get the experience you want by looking for these signs of excellent products and companies. By following these simple tips, you'll be able to make the right choice when it comes to cannabis live resin.

    Ask for aLab Test

    Any reputable cannabis company will be transparent about the potency of their products, and they should have third-party lab test results readily available on their site. If you don't see a link to test results, that should be a red flag, however, it's good to contact the supplier and double-check.

    If they're unwilling to share this information or don't have it at all, you should move on to another brand. Even if the product looks legit, it could have low cannabinoid potency or even contain harmful additives or chemicals.

    Look at the Oil

    Understanding how live resin looks can save you the hassle of getting a low-quality product. We mentioned earlier that live resin looks almost like tiny caviar or sticky sand, so if it is too oily or lacks this texture, that's a clear sign of something you don't want.

    Although some concentrates, like tincture oil or distillate, are meant to look like that, it doesn't mean it's okay for live resin to look like that. You want to make sure you're getting the right product so you can experience the entire range of cannabinoids and terpenes.


    Live resin is supposed to have a strong aroma and contain rich flavors of the full range of terpenes. If you try a brand of live resin but don't find it living up to this basic standard, it's time to try something else.

    The entire purpose of live resin is to provide users with the entire flavor and aroma spectrum, so not being able to taste things like lemon or berry is a big red flag. This concentrate is meant to taste amazing so why use something that has no flavor at all, or is flavored with non-cannabis derived terpenes?

    Talk With the Budtender About the Brand

    If you're wondering whether a brand of live resin is worth buying and trying, then why not ask an expert? Budtenders at your local dispensary are aware of the brands they sell and have likely tried them. They'll be able to share an honest opinion and let you know how it stacks up against the competition.

    For the best live resin that will accentuate your state of mind, take a look at our Lifestyle Spectrum and menu. Stop by a top-rated dispensary near you to meet with a cannabis guide that will help you find the perfect product to accompany your desired journey.

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