Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, the staff here at Origins Cannabis field countless questions about cannabis, Washington State laws, specific strains, and seemingly every other cannabis-related topic. We’ve collected a few of our most frequently asked questions.

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What is dabbing?

“Dabbing” is the process of inhaling small amounts of cannabis extracts or concentrates. It’s a relatively new and exciting way to enjoy cannabis, but due to its potency, we advise newcomers to start slow; you can learn more with our guide to dabbing.

How long does weed stay in your system?

Weed stays in your system anywhere from 24 hours to 2 months, depending on how often you imbibe and the method of testing.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. How long weed stays in your system depends on how often you imbibe it as well as when you last consumed it. We often refer people to this helpful article, which lays out rough weed detectability windows for different types of tests as well as for different usage patterns.

This is a great question on many fronts. Whether you’re concerned about a roadside police test, an employer-mandated drug screening, or simply wanting to keep track of your own body and use patterns with cannabis.

How long does being high last?

The length of a cannabis high depends on the amount ingested or inhaled, the way in which it was ingested—edibles typically last far longer than other intake methods—and the person’s use patterns.

Our advice, if we had to throw out a single number, we’d say the average length of an “average” high is typically about 2 hours.

What strains have high CBD?

Origins Cannabis stocks Remedy, Mango Haze, and many other strains high in CBD. Check our live West Seattle menu or Redmond menu of high-CBD strains for the latest verified products in stock.

As high-CBD strains continue to skyrocket in popularity for their powerful anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other medicinal effects, we’ll continue to add new and exciting strains to our lineup.

How to come down from a high faster?

If you feel like you had too much cannabis — don’t panic. You’re going to be fine, even if you don’t feel so hot right now.

Our best advice is to stay hydrated (but avoid alcohol); try taking a walk or a calming shower. And don’t forget this old household remedy: chew or just sniff some black peppercorns.

What are the different types of weed?

Most experts divide cannabis into sativa-dominant strains, characterized by an energetic, stimulating “buzz,” and indica-dominant strains, which are more relaxing, body-centered and calming. These days, most strains are hybrids, combining characteristics of both.

Be sure to browse our West Seattle live menu or our Redmond live menu for the most up-to-date list of sativa-dominant cannabis strains and indica-dominant cannabis strains.

Does Harlequin get you high?

The high-CBD strain called Harlequin will get you high. But it will likely be a very different experience from the high-THC strains you may be used to. Many users report that Harlequin and other high-CBD strains produce a mellow, more head-buzzy high compared with strains with a higher ratio of THC.

Be sure to browse our West Seattle cannabis menu or our Redmond cannabis menu for our latest supply of Harlequin CBD cartridges. If you suffer from PTSD, check out our blog post on “What are the Best High CBD Strains to Treat PTSD“.

Is smoking weed healthy?

Like any drug, cannabis carries risks. Some users develop harmful dependence patterns; others find inhaled cannabis irritating to their lungs. That said, at Origins Cannabis, we believe that when used in moderation, cannabis is part of a healthy, active and engaged lifestyle. If you feel that cannabis affects your personal relationships, or that you find yourself being dishonest about your cannabis use, it’s a good time to pull over and assess your use patterns.

The medical benefits of cannabis are just beginning to be understood, but it’s clear that it is a powerful and effective treatment for a wide and growing list of conditions, and it is demonstrably safer than many other commonly prescribed drugs, such as opioids.

Can you buy pot in Seattle?

Cannabis is legal in Washington State, including Seattle and Redmond. Origins Cannabis has two store locations: one is located in beautiful West Seattle, a 10-minute drive from downtown; the other is located in Redmond, about 5 min north of Marymoor Park.

Where can I find cannabis drinks?

Origins Cannabis is excited to offer an extensive line of delicious, healthy, and locally made cannabis-infused beverages. Be sure to check out our West Seattle marijuana menu or our Redmond marijuana menu for our latest supply of cannabis drinks near you.

What’s the best cannabis for my lifestyle?

Some strains of cannabis are energizing and buzzy, while others are heavier and more relaxing. That’s why we developed the Origins Lifestyle Spectrum for our Seattle menu and the Origins Lifestyle Spectrum for our Redmond menu. It’s an interactive tool designed to help you find your perfect weed for any desired outcome; you can read more about the science behind the Origins Lifestyle Spectrum on our blog.

Where can I find pesticide-free weed?

We care about the products you put in your home just as much as we care about what we put in ours, and that’s why we designed our Origins Certified™ program to ensure you get only the highest-quality, pesticide and heavy metal-free cannabis we can possibly source. We work with our partnered gardens individually to seek out the highest grade, locally grown cannabis and marijuana.

Learn more about our Origins Cannabis certification standards on our website.

Does Origins have a senior citizen discount?

At Origins Cannabis our valued senior customers 60 years of age or older get 10% off each and every purchase, seven days a week.

Does Origins Cannabis have a loyalty program?

Origins Cannabis has a loyalty program based on the number of times you visit our shop. On every 10th visit to our store, you get 20% of your purchase. Anyone can join; just contact us. In addition, you’ll be the first to know about exclusive community events, new product information, and more!

All loyalty members that are senior citizens or active military also get 10% off every day of the week. They’ll also get our “Wax Wednesday” and “Cartridge Thursday” deals every day of the week, which offer big discounts when purchased in bulk.

Finally, we also offer an app that is currently available for Apple (search for “Origins Rec”) and coming to Android soon. It allows customers to be notified about new deals, track their visits, and check their pending discounts.

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