Big pharma isn’t your thing. You’d prefer to take the natural road and treat your ailments with a plant, as opposed to something synthesized. Cannabis truly increases your quality of life.


Charlottes Web 1g, 2g, 3.5g – The High Point

Dab Concentrates:

Avitas Cannabull Rosin
Oleum Medi Haze Distillate
Nectar AC/DC Dab oil
SPP Aliens on Moonshine

Vape Cartridges:

Oleum Medi Haze
Nectar AC/DC
Nectar AC/DC Kit


Oakor Slip 10mg CBD
Oakor Slip 10mg CDB + 5mg THC
Moxie Mint 100mg CBD
Ethos Relief 100mg
Magic Kitchen 100mg CBD (pebbles & cookies)
Magic Kitchen Lotionz 200mg CBD
Magic Kitchen Lotionz 150mg THC+150mg CBD
Magic Kitchen Dropperz 100mg CBD
Silica Phoenix Chocolates 50mg CBD
Legal Soda 10mg CBD/20mg CBD