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OKC 23rd

Formerly known as Rabbit Hole to many, one of our newest medical marijuana dispensaries is located near you on NW 23rd St and ready to serve! Specializing in medical cannabis, our Cannabis Guides are here to help educate and find the best products for you.

Looking for a medical marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma City? Our OKC 23rd St. store is the perfect place for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients looking to buy high-quality products. We offer a range of cannabis flower strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more to help with your needs.

Origins Cannabis is committed to helping marijuana users throughout the United States. We offer top-notch products, competitive pricing, and experienced Cannabis Guides to ensure every patient has a stellar experience. Visit our Oklahoma City dispensary today and check out what we have to offer.

Why Choose Origins Cannabis?

Origins Cannabis is a cannabis retailer providing sustainably grown and expertly produced cannabis products to as many patients as possible. With a focus on delivering an authentic and natural experience to customers, you can rest assured you’ll be treated with care and honesty when you step into one of our dispensaries.

Our OKC 23rd store is one of our newest medical dispensaries - conveniently located in the center of Oklahoma City to reach medical marijuana users across the area. Like our other dispensaries, every customer can benefit from world-class customer care, experienced guidance, and generous deals and rewards.

Our Cannabis Menu

Every medical marijuana user is different. While some enjoy the experience of smoking, some prefer other methods of consumption such as eating or vaping cannabis. Others may need stronger products, such as cannabis concentrates. As such, we offer a wide range of cannabis products on our cannabis menu.

Cannabis Flower - Fans of smoking or vaping weed can find a selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to target everything from pain to anxiety to insomnia.

Pre-Rolls - Want an easy way to smoke? Our pre-rolled joints are filled with high-quality weed so you can start smoking without any hassle.

Concentrates - Cannabis concentrates are a good choice for patients who need something stronger than weed to tackle their symptoms. We offer diamonds, distillate, live resin, and more.

Edibles - Many users prefer to consume the effects of cannabis in the form of enjoyable gummies, chocolates, or even capsules. We offer a wide selection of edible cannabis products.

Vapes - Patients who enjoy the experience of vaping can find a selection of cannabis vape pens and cartridges to suit their needs.

Topicals - From cooling sticks to soaps, topicals can be applied directly to your body to soak up the benefits of cannabinoids.

Our menu also features cannabis tincture oils, capsules, and seedlings for home growing purposes. Users who want to avoid getting high can also find a range of CBD products.

Where To Find Our OKC Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma City can visit our dispensary at 2500 NW 23rd St. Just east of the city center, our store is conveniently located for patients across the area. Visit us today and let our friendly Cannabis Guides help you find what you need.

Store Details

2500 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, USA
Mon - Thu 10:00am - 9:00pm
Fri - Sat 10:00am - 10:00pm
Sun 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Phone Number (405) 595-2052

Upcoming OKC 23rd Events

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