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If you follow cannabis news at all, you’ve likely read a good deal about CBD. It’s not a type of cannabis, but a compound found in it. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, but it does have many important therapeutic qualities.

For one, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory; it’s also used as a treatment for anxiety and epilepsy, among other conditions, and it’s being studied as a potential drug to treat cancer.

CBD occurs in all cannabis in varying proportions with THC, so it’s available in indica, sativa and hybrid strains as vape cartridges and pre-rolls. We’re pleased to offer the best selection of high CBD strains in West Seattle.

We’re proud of our Origins Certified™ program, bring you carefully crafted products to give you the freshest, cleanest, best cared-for marijuana products available anywhere.

We’re serious about quality and serious about purity; like all of our products, it’s carefully sourced to be free of any additives and byproducts. Next time you search for “CBD strains near me,” we hope you’ll think of Origins Cannabis first.