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Cannabis Vape Cartridges in West Seattle

Perhaps the most popular of the new wave of cannabis products and formats, vape pens are a thoroughly enjoyable, efficient and discreet new way to enjoy this venerable plant. Because they heat the cannabis extract—also known as wax or concentrate—rather than burning the cannabis flower as in traditional pipes, the resulting experience is both gentle on your lungs and much more efficient than smoking flower.

The cannabis extract in vape cartridges can contain all sorts of impurities or chemicals we’d prefer you not be inhaling. We’re proud to not only offer the best selection of vape cartridges in West Seattle but the purest and most responsibly sourced extracts made from local, premium-quality Washington State cannabis.

We’d love to see you in our beautiful West Seattle storefront and show you the many vape cartridges and many other cannabis products in person. Next time you search for “vape cartridges near me,” we hope you’ll think of Origins Cannabis first.