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Cannabis Tinctures in West Seattle

Cannabis tinctures are a relatively new addition to the lineup of cannabis products–along with edibles, drinks, and topicals–but they’re useful and increasingly popular. For one, they’re a discreet way of consuming your cannabis when smoking or vaping isn’t practical or advisable. For another, tinctures are an efficient and highly controllable way to administer cannabis when precise dosing is required, for instance when relief from pain or insomnia is the principal goal.

Whatever your needs, you’ll find a broad and carefully curated selection of tinctures in West Seattle at our storefront location; they’re all handcrafted from only the best Washington State cannabis. We always specify the tincture medium, in case it’s important the contents be alcohol-free.

We’re proud of our Origins Certified™ program, carefully crafted to give you the freshest, cleanest, best cared-for marijuana products available anywhere.

We’re serious about quality and serious about purity; like all of our products, they’re carefully sourced to be free of any additives and byproducts. Next time you look for “recreational tinctures near me,” think of Origins Cannabis first.