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Cannabis Topicals in West Seattle

Offering the widest selection of topicals in West Seattle, Origins is committed not only to your enjoyment but to pain relief and self-care. Cannabis topicals are a potent—yet non-psychoactive—way to deliver cannabis’ powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, but without the high that some consumers might find distracting, or undesirable at certain hours of the day (some cannabis drinks and tinctures fall into this category as well)

We worked hard to craft our Origins Certified™ program, designed to give you the freshest, cleanest, best cared-for marijuana products available anywhere. Our topicals are handcrafted in small batches, using only the very best Washington cannabis.

We’re serious about quality and serious about purity; like all of our products, our topicals are carefully sourced to be free of any additives and byproducts. If we wouldn’t put it on our skin, we certainly don’t want you to. Next time you look for “topicals near me,” think of Origins Cannabis first.