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Sativa Marijuana Strains West Seattle

Sativa is one of two major types of cannabis, the other being indica; there are also many hybrids, which combine attributes of both.

Typically characterized by an energetic, cerebrally stimulating “buzz,” sativa-dominant strains are an excellent choice when you want to be active and creative, and not slowed down by the relaxing, body-centered psychoactivity of indica-dominant strains.

We’re proud of our vast selection of sativa strains in West Seattle; we typically offer over 100 strains at a time (check our live menu for availability). We also offer sativa in flower and pre-roll forms.

We’re equally excited about our proprietary Origins Certified™ program, carefully crafted to give you the freshest, cleanest, best cared-for marijuana products available anywhere.

We’re serious about quality and serious about purity; like all of our products, our sativa marijuana is carefully sourced to be clean, pure, and free of any chemical residue such as pesticides. Next time you look for “sativa near me,” we hope you’ll think of Origins Cannabis first.