Origins Cannabis West Seattle Dispensary Menu

We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive and best-stocked cannabis dispensary menu in West Seattle. Our product categories include everything from traditional cannabis flower (sometimes known as “buds”) to extracts (or concentrates) such as wax, to vape cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, drinks and more. All of these products are available in a range of cannabis varieties, including indica, sativa, hybrids and the popular high-CDB strains.

If you’re overwhelmed by all these choices, our proprietary Lifestyle Spectrum. A quick and intuitive way to select cannabis products based upon your desired outcome, it’s sorted by such categories as “Social,” “Self Discovery” and “After Hours,” making it a snap to filter through all your options and select the strain and delivery method that’s best for you.

We’re serious about quality and serious about purity. Our cannabis products are carefully sourced to be free of any additives and byproducts. Next time you’re searching for the best dispensary menu, think of Origins Cannabis first.