MJ Productions

Produces starting their bud in their true seed form.

Harmony Farms

Uses LED lighting to grow while avoiding the practice of "cutting-corners".

The High Point

A family owned i502 garden that grows in the Olympic Mountains using fresh natural spring water to flush their cannabis with. They use both indoor and outdoor growing methods.

Oil Extractors

Nectar Craft

Nectar designs its offerings for the discerning cannabis consumer. You won’t find any glycol, glycerin, chemical additives or artificial flavors here; our small batch, whole plant, strain specific oils preserve the naturally occurring terpenes so you can taste and experience the plant.

Gold Leaf

Known for their homemade soil, they use enzymes to break down barley and use tea compost.

Edible Companies


Oakor is a premium cannabis-infused products company focused on providing natural, healthful ways to medicate.

Evergreen Herbal

From our pure, zero-additive vape oil to our decadent dark chocolate bars, we are all about deliciousness. Plus, our products are made with local ingredients and natural colors and flavors whenever possible.