Party Go'er


Lifestyles are here to help you craft your own experience, to explore confidently as the universe unfolds. Every day brings new possibilities and the products that come from this flower are no different. You aren’t tasked with confining yourself to a single lifestyle, you are here to find your nirvana within each of the lifestyles. We can be the Shaman by sharing where the experience intertwines with the science. 

Origins works with independent labs to test all of the products housed on our shelves. We have created patent-pending technology that allows us to build a deeper cannabinoid and terpene profile for you. These ratios translate to the 6 different lifestyle groups. The Party Go’er Lifestyle is a high THC Indica ratio  23:1 and Up, which provides a heavy body high with mental stimulation. You can expect to function at a high level without the drowsiness.

You live life free of concern and know how to let go of reality for a bit. You like to experience life on all cylinders and there is no slowing you down. You don’t know where you’ll end up tonight but you know that wherever it is, it’ll be a blast. The Party Go’er Lifestyle is meant for those who love to try new things, and who aren’t opposed to the “stronger” strains. A heavy body high will help lead partygoers to a relaxed, sedation like daze.

Updating your journal and providing some feedback before your next purchase will help you find your balance within the Party Go’er lifestyle. Explore confidently.