The cannabis industry is in a little bit of a Wild Wild West phase. It’s a wide open, free-flowing, high-stakes world and anyone with the determination can get into it.

With enough money, they can dominate.

Provided their crop does well.

Now, while there’s plenty of regulations around access, sale, and distribution – all of which curiously concern the flow of money – there are virtually zero regulations and even less enforcement around public safety for the consumer.

And with high pressure from investors to have each crop at its full capacity, industrial-sized growers are turning more and more to pesticides to meet their bottom line.

Lots of pesticides.

Study: Cannabis is the MOST Toxic Consumer Good

Studies conducted in Washington, Colorado, and California have uniformly reached the same conclusion: (much of) the cannabis industry is toxic.

Almost every sample they looked at tested positive for obscene levels of pesticides. In the Washington study, some concentrates tested at more than 10,000 parts per billion. Legal limits are generally in the 10-100 range.

Pesticides banned from use because of toxicity to humans showed up disturbingly often.

3rd Party Certifications

But don’t worry, fellow cannabis-loving friends. Not everyone in the cannabis industry is a cutthroat, money-at-all-costs poisoner of health.

There is a growing awareness within the industry that things need to change and that the government is not going to help. We have to make the change happen, as businesses and as consumers.

Conscientious growers need a way to protect their brand and differentiate their product from the masses of toxic bud flooding the market from unscrupulous ganjapreneurs. And in response to this market gap, a number of 3rd party certifications have been established, including Clean Green the nation’s largest and most recognizable.

But even with these options, are you totally safe? What are their standards really, beyond brand labeling?

In the same way that the FDA’s “Organic” label allows for levels of “healthy” pesticides, Clean Green does not mean 100% pesticide free. These 3rd party certifications are an excellent step in the right direction, but they are still businesses with a bottom line and their standards are not necessarily as pure as you might think.

What We Are Doing to Change the Industry

That’s why we took matters into our own hands and created Origins Certified™. The farm-to-table ethos isn’t a trendy word for us, it’s a way of life. Instead of waiting for some California company to come in and put a sticker on our cannabis, we set out to create a network of the best growers using the most ecological and sustainable practices.

We make it our business to know exactly how Origins Certified™ farms grow and everything they put into their product. We visit the farms regularly, testing the product and inspecting the operation.

We cultivate strong relationships with our certified suppliers, built on our shared values of love and respect for cannabis, for health, and the earth.

We deserve not to have it tainted by unethical growing practices. These shared values, the relationships we cultivate with the farms, and our strict testing standards create a chain of trust all the way from seed to flower to consumer.

If you want to avoid cannabis contaminated with pesticides, come visit the only strictly clean-sourced pesticide-free cannabis store in the Northwest: Origins Cannabis.

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