Quality Challenge

Have You Taken the Origins Quality Challenge? Bring in any package that you purchased, from any cannabis store that you are unhappy with and we will give you:

15% OFF

towards a similar purchase so you can compare! Our friendly staff will educate you on why we stand behind our quality, because here at Origins, We Don’t Let Friends Smoke Bad Cannabis! See you soon and spread the word!

At Origins, we take our cannabis seriously. Okay not THAT serious but, we do take the quality of our cannabis very seriously! Our cannabis is hand-picked by our staff from gardens who have excellent growing practices and we have great relationships. Everything we offer is only the highest quality, grown 100% naturally by gardens whom we can trust and therefore YOU can trust.
If you see a product in our store that says it is Origins Certified – that means the product is proven to adhere to strict requirements like the following:

  • Signed affidavit, affirming full understanding of requirements
  • Participation in organoleptic analysis and feedback
  • Quarterly visits and audit by an Origins Certified™ team member
  • Package date to not exceed 45 days from the date of delivery
  • All testing must be provided by an approved analytics provider
  • Phenotype terpene testing for all new and existing strains sold by Origins
  • Third-party lab analysis of random quarterly pesticide and heavy metal testing
  • Regular, hosted farm visits from Origins buyers who will hand-select lots and strains to be purchased

We challenge you to come in to Origins and try us out! Follow us on Instagram @Origins_rec and share your cannabis experience with us your favorite way to partake in Origin’s cannabis! #FriendsDontLetFriendsSmokeBadCannabis