We all know the feeling of walking into a dispensary for the first time and seeing all of the amazing goodies on display, from the flower nestled in jars to the bottom shelf waxes and special moonrocks. But make sure to visit the marijuana edibles section to catch up on all the awesome food products that edible companies are infusing with THC today.

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking as they’re completely odorless and, and some would argue, more potent. An edible high can be very different from a marijuana high.

Edibles tend to produce a strong body buzz that can take hours to fade. You should always be a little cautious when dosing out your edibles, but for those among you who like their marijuana to taste delicious, we’ve highlighted three amazing marijuana edibles that we think you will love.

Origins Cannabis in Redmond has some of the best selection of marijuana edibles in Redmond WA.

Redmond Marijuana Edibles

4.20Bar Minis – Dark Chocolate + Hazelnut

4.20 Bar

Image Source: https://www.forevergreenherbal.com/ (4.20Bar)

These little hazelnut chocolates are hard not to like. Each pack holds 100mg THC, meaning that even tiny snacks can pack a big punch sometimes. The flavor is a delightful chocolatey hazelnut that melts in the mouth—and melts your mind. These are perfect for passing around your kickback or storing somewhere discrete for on-the-go dosing. You can get these from the Origins dispensary menu.

Olala Sodas

Olala Sodas

Source: https://enjoyolala.com/ (Olala)

Olala Sodas are a refreshing way to get your THC, with a name that evokes images of Hawaiian beaches and fresh fruit. In fact, Olala is based entirely in Washington, although their slogan, “Infused with Aloha”, does seem to capture that island spirit. These sodas come in three tantalizing flavors and the taste is great, too, as Olala tries to incorporate organic ingredients into its marijuana recipes. Each drink comes in varying levels of potency, from 10mg to 100mg a bottle, so make sure you’re checking the packaging properly before you purchase.

Capitol Hill Bites

Also available from the Origins dispensary menu, Capitol Hill Bites from Green Light Baked Goods are great for vegans who are looking for marijuana edibles they can actually eat. Whether you want to take this granola, oat, and fruit bars on a magical hike or pass them out to your hippie friends, you really can’t go wrong with these simple and classic treats. Each bar is loaded with either 20mg or 100mg THC, guaranteeing you’ll be experiencing an organic high for a while to come.

Want to browse more exciting edible options? Check out the Origins dispensary website to see what’s on the menu today.