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Soulshine Pre-Roll Infused CBD Donny Burger
Pre-Rolls - CBD
Himalayan Blackberry is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Nepalese X North Indian landrace strains. With its classic heritage an mouthwatering flavor, Himalayan Blackberry is definitely one bud that you''ll want to add to your medicinal arsenal. Himalayan Blackberry has a sweet yet spicy berry pine flavor that''s smooth and tangy through inhale and exhale. The smell isn''t exactly bad either, with hints of spicy florals and earthy pine all wrapped up in a sweet berry overtone. The Himalayan Blackberry high beautifully blends sedative mind and body effects that leave you stress and pain-free minutes after toking. You''ll feel a rush of cerebral energy first that quickly fades into a lethargic mental block. You''ll still feel oddly focused in this state with a sense of mental clarity that is easily overshadowed by pure laziness. This unwillingness to do much of anything will quickly fill your entire body, leaving you sleepy and sedated without any motivation to really even move off of your couch. These effects make Himalayan Blackberry perfect for treating experienced patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, inattentiveness, and chronic stress.
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