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Phat Panda Pre-Roll Dutch Treat #5
Pre-Rolls - Hybrid
Dutch Treat is an Indica-dominant strain consisting of 80% Indica and only 20% Sativa. It is most famous in Amsterdam coffee shops, but it has lots of mystery surrounding its origin. Many people believe that Dutch Treat was bred by the Island Breeders, resulting from a cross between Haze and Northern Lights. While all that might not be true, we all know this strain with its distinctive, mouth-watering flavor. It has a wide range of HC levels, from 18% to 25%. Dutch Treat is typically short and stout and produces gorgeous green nuggets covered with thick white trichomes. Its beauty improves when the pistils begin to turn to orange when the flower approaches the maturity stage. A well-grown and well-cared-for Dutch Treat will always have vibrant colors and produce dense, sticky buds. Outdoor and inexperienced growers may not find Dutch Treat marijuana strain the best to grow because of the high maintenance. It is best grown indoors using either a hydroponic or soil method, where a dry and warm environment is a must. Also, trimming the bottom half of the plant is necessary to boost its growth and improve airflow. The humidity should be kept low and daytime temperatures kept within the range of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dutch Treat takes 8-9 weeks to mature. You can expect a yield of 12 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and 8 ounces per plant outdoors. At maturity, Dutch Treat produces a dank, pungent scent. Curing and grinding the buds reveals a strong piney, lemony, and citrusy aroma. Its mouth-watering flavor also takes after its aroma. You will experience an intense lemon-pine taste comparable to sweet eucalyptus and sage undertones. Dutch Treat’s high is best-suited for evening or nighttime. It is characterized by a rush of cerebral stimulation that is both uplifting, sedating, and relaxing. Small doses of this hybrid strain do not cause couchlock but might lull you into a peaceful sleep when taken in high doses. Some users have reported being more cre
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