Pot? Weed? Marijuana? Truth be told, you can—and should—call it whatever you want to. We know that you’re talking about cannabis, perhaps Earth’s most ancient medicine. For the past 80 years or so, it’s been subject to a harmful and misleading campaign of misinformation and prohibition in this country, but that’s rapidly changing (perhaps a bit too quickly for some people’s comfort level). We know you have many choices when you are searching for a recreational dispensary in West Seattle. That’s why we’d like to share a little more about what makes us unique from all the rest.

Cannabis’ Potential for Good

At Origins Cannabis, we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. We’re a recreational dispensary located in beautiful West Seattle, and we’re firm believers in cannabis’ potential for good, both as medicine with broad and valid applications, and as a safe, highly enjoyable recreational product to be enjoyed by adults in accordance with Washington State law.

What’s more, we consider ourselves more than a run-of-the-mill weed dispensary; we’re a cannabis sanctuary. Just as the natural food movement arose as a response to mass-produced, over-engineered and unwholesome food stripped of its essential nutritional value, cannabis is a natural product.

Quality Assurance

Like any other plant, cannabis benefits from special care and attention: Mass-produced plants can be subject to a host of contaminants, such as mold, pesticides and fertilizer residue. You don’t want these in your food, and we don’t think you should have them in your cannabis, either. That’s why we initiated “Origins Certified™,” our very own stringent quality assurance program. We want to be certain that the cannabis you purchase from us is the best, freshest, and most cared-for it can possibly be.

A Cannabis Sanctuary

This same care and attention to detail extend to our dispensary. It’s important to us that you make decisions regarding cannabis at whatever speed you find comfortable, in an environment curated by a mature and knowledgeable staff. Being cannabis connoisseurs ourselves, we know that a savvy, well-educated customer is a happy one.

In short, we’re a bit like you: People passionate about our neighborhood, our community and our region (in our case, the abundance of the beautiful Pacific Northwest). We give serious attention to what goes into our bodies, and we’re equally serious about having fun. We believe that the care and attention we give to our cannabis, our retail location—and not least to our customers—adds up to a singular experience. The next time you look up “recreational dispensary near me,” we hope we’re your very first choice. Come in and experience the very best in cannabis for yourself.

We’d love to meet you and have you visit us at 4800 40th Ave SW West Seattle, WA 98116 (click the address to view the Google Map). We are open Monday – Saturday 8am11:30pm and Sunday 9am9pm.