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We captured the innovative spirit of the Northwest, and together, we are charting a new generation of cannabis retail as we immerse ourselves into new communities.


We’re just like you. When we go shopping, we’re disappointed by the lack of attention and care for our wellbeing; and we are equally bothered by an inferior product hiding behind bargain prices and a mouthful of marketing. That’s why we treat you the way we want to be treated. No gimmicks. No distractions. No pressure to buy. Just naturally friendly people who look forward to making you happy.

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Gift Guide for Cannabis Connoisseurs: 11 Thoughtful IdeasOrigins

Let’s face it: no one wants another pair of socks. So it’s time to mix up, marijuana near me for everyone on your holiday gift list. Let’s give the gifts people really want. For the cannabis connoisseurs in your life, that means premium, homegrown products they’ll remember forever. And we’ve got you covered, thanks to our expert partners throughout Washington.

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6 Holiday Events in Seattle With a BuzzOrigins

A THC-infused holiday celebration with these six perfect Christmas events, including a musical parody, boat parades, and the Space Needle.

Filters: How Important Are They When Smoking?Origins

Filters are quite essential to enhancing your time spent smoking as they ensure a cleaner and better-tasting hit, but what other great features do they offer that makes them so important? Well, probably the most important feature they generously offer is reducing the number of toxins and carcinogens traveling to your lungs with each puff. Keep reading to find out the various ways filters can be made and how they make a key impact when smoking!

How to Make Cannabutter (Recipe)Origins

Are you interested in learning how to make edibles? Cannabis-infused butter is a versatile way for making edibles of practically any type. While making marijuana butter can seem a bit tricky if you've never done it before, the following guide will teach you how to make cannabutter even if you're a total beginner. Tasty, potent edibles await!

What is Decarboxylation? (and How to Decarb Weed)More Articles Section

Have you ever heard of decarbing weed? Don’t let the scientific name scare you off; decarboxylation is not as complex as it sounds. Yet, if you plan on making edibles at home, you must understand the basics of cannabis decarboxylation. With a quick read-through of this article, all your decarbing questions will be answered — including three methods to try in your own kitchen.

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil (Recipe)Origins

Are you looking for a versatile way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? cannabis-infused olive oil may become your new pantry staple. Whether you would like to make a cannabis-infused olive oil salad dressing or sauté vegetables in a cannabis olive oil tincture, cannabis-infused olive oil is great to have on hand. You can easily make your own cannabis olive oil in just a few easy steps.

Getting Social with Cannabis: What You Need to KnowOrigins

Is cannabis the new alcohol? Perhaps! In the last couple of years, cannabis has become the go-to choice for parties, BBQs, family reunions, and pretty much every other social event in Seattle you can think of. With marijuana delivery in Washington widely available, it’s now easy to get your hands on a social strain of weed instead of a case of beer. If you’re considering trading your cans for cannabis this weekend, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Best Cannabis Strains for CreativityMore Articles Section

Did you know, certain cannabis strains have been known to help people increase their creativity? Ever want or need an extra creativity boost? Keep reading to learn which cannabis strains can help you hone in on your creative side and take a look at some of the different people who’ve used cannabis to help reach their creative potential.


We are as deeply rooted in the origins of cannabis as we are on the forefront of its therapeutic potential- it’s our art and our science. Our Cannabis Guides are dedicated to their craft and excited to share it with the world. Their personal and professional experience ranges from medicinal to recreational and everywhere in-between. They are the cause and effect of our commitment to quality in a consultative, comfortable environment.


Every day when we open our doors, our passion is to provide only the freshest products, harvested from the finest gardens. A higher standard that everyone should expect and enjoy.


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