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We’re Origins Cannabis, a unique cannabis dispensary in West Seattle & Redmond. We’re serious about quality and just as serious about fun. We feel cannabis has a role to play in active, happy and engaged lives, and we want to ensure that people can make decisions about it in a safe, well-informed and responsibly tended environment.

We love what we do, and want to pass it along: To help celebrate what’s new and noteworthy, we offer special deals and maintain a robust repeat rewards program for our treasured customers.

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Origins Cannabis Certified

Just as we believe in the benefits of organic, high-quality food, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, local, high-quality cannabis grown with love and care.

We’re proud of our proprietary Origins Certified™ program, a unique garden-to-consumer system incorporating strict quality and freshness controls. It’s designed with care to give you the freshest, cleanest, best cared-for marijuana products available anywhere, whether it’s flower, edibles, pre-rollsconcentrates, or high-CBD products.

origins cannabis certified


We’re just like you. When we go shopping, we’re disappointed by the lack of attention and care for our wellbeing; and we are equally bothered by an inferior product hiding behind bargain prices and a mouthful of marketing.

That’s why we treat you the way we want to be treated. No gimmicks. No distractions. No pressure to buy. Just naturally friendly people who look forward to making you happy.

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We are as deeply rooted in the origins of cannabis as we are on the forefront of its therapeutic potential-it’s our art and our science.

Our Cannabis Guide are dedicated to their craft and excited to share it with the world. Their personal and professional experience ranges from medicinal to recreational and everywhere in-between. They are the cause and effect of our commitment to quality in a consultative, comfortable environment.