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Washington Welcomes Wyld Edibles


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Why is Wyld Taking Over America?

Wyld is the top brand of cannabis edibles in the U.S (via Forbes). The company raked in $25 million in 2019 alone, and more than doubled that revenue in 2020. That’s especially impressive when you look at the average $20 product price tag. Today, Wyld is worth hundreds of millions.

Why is Wyld different? For one, they were the first cannabis company to use real fruit in their gummies. They also have flavors that suit a sophisticated palate, such as marionberry, huckleberry, pomegranate, and elderberry (via Wyld).

Wyld has also expanded their product offerings, thanks to their runaway gummy success. You can now partake in CBD-infused seltzer, as well as chocolate that packs a pleasing THC punch. Once cannabis is federally legal, more delicious offerings are sure to follow.

The Why of Wyld

The cannabis market has become competitive in recent years, but Wyld edibles is a different kind of company. Co-founders Aaron Morris, Chris Joseph, and Rene Kaza started Wyld back in 2015 (legally) in a regular old house in Oregon, not too far from an alpaca farm.

Morris, Joseph, and Kaza weren’t pro chefs by any measure, but they were curious and quick to innovate. Soon the recipes were perfected and cooks were enlisted to make Wyld gummies, which were distributed throughout Oregon in a Honda Civic.

Thanks to the business acumen of Wyld’s founders, the brand has to date built extensive operations in seven states, with explosive growth imminent if and when cannabis gets the green light from the federal government.

Wyld hasn’t let ethics take a backseat as they grow, either. To that end, they have partnered with Black-owned farms, actively support LGBTQ+ rights, and are committed to improving the environment. Wyld is also a carbon-neutral company.

Our Favorite Wyld edibles

When it comes to our four favorite Wyld products, the first in the pack is the classic raspberry cannabis edible. This delectable candy contains 10 mg of sativa per serving, promising creative cannabis lovers the bliss of focused productivity.

The second is the hybrid pomegranate edible from Wyld, which active folks are sure to enjoy. With 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD per serving, this is the ideal gummy for your outdoor activities or stretching session. Oh, and if you’re super sensitive to cannabis, this is the treat for you.

Number three is sure to be a health and wellness godsend: Wyld’s elderberry gummy. With 10 mg of dreamy THC and 5 mg CBN (cannabinol), this delicious indica gummy will send you off to dreamland on a puffy cloud of berry-scented sleep.

Finally, if you’re looking for a product for your daily explorations, Wyld’s hybrid huckleberry gummy is sure to put a smile on your face. With 10 mg of THC, this simple dose is a go-to for any cannabis aficionado.

As Wyld’s selection of delicious doses continues to grow and expand, so too do our favorite options. But for now, those who enjoy cannabis in Seattle are sure to find a treat that ticks all of their boxes within the classic Wyld menu.

Where Can I Find Wyld Edibles Near Me?

Are you wondering, “Where can I find Wyld edibles near me?” Origins in Seattle has you covered! So take the time to make the pilgrimage to see what all of the hype is about.

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